NextGen Data Management
- A modern approach
to Data Management for hybrid and multi-cloud environments powered by AI. Avoid the Ransom Now
EDNA IT Protection Software
Barracuda Email Protection
Don’t let Cyberthreats disrupt your business and money loss, adopt Barracuda Email Protection and
train your users to the latest threat types via our Security Awareness Training program.
Sentinel One
Sentinel One Business Endpoint Security
Unprotected Mobiles Increase Your Attack Surface. Get Protected now!
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Work Smart, Go Digital!
Optimize your office with our array of smart solutions.
Unified Communications – Biometric Security Devices – Advanced Surveillance – Smart Printing Solution

Every 60 seconds, a Singapore business
loses data or gets an Email security breach
don’t be one of them

Data Management & Email Security

Data Management and Email Security Protection

Protect Your Digital Asset with Our AI enabled Early Warning Data Management and Email Security Solutions.

First Class products & Services

Not sure what security or optimization solutions we can provide? Learn more and see our list of products and services below.

Cohesity Data Management

Cohesity is the leading data security and management solution for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Protect your backup data and rapidly recover from a ransomware attack.

Don't Pay the Ransom!

barracuda Email Security

Increase your Email Security, data network and API protection with our customized solution. We offer business security level according to your needs.

Your journey, secured

SentinelOne Endpoint Security

At SentinelOne, we innovate. Our Singularity Platform instantly defends against cyberattacks – performing at a faster speed, greater scale, and higher accuracy than possible.

We Innovate

Ultimaker 3D Printers​

Get your in house 3D printer to increase your productivity and speed the delivery of your sample to customer. Find how 3D printing solution can help your business.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro is the answer.

Extreme world needs
Extreme Material

Unified Communications​

Whether it is working from Home, Office or even Overseas, experience the sharpest resolution and audio clarity with CLOUD PBX & CLOUD UC.

Easy Collaboration, 
High Productivity

Projection & Display Solutions

Revolutionize the way you experience projections with 4K PRO-UHD. With the delivery of well-defined, brighter, and vibrant images from LG Electronics.

Life's Good


Streamline challenging HR processes. Stay informed of latest corporate news and HR alerts over your mobile. 

Having trouble processing payroll ? Outsource the burden away so you just do the approving, while we do the processing.

PSG Approved!

ZK Teco Biometrics Door Access

State of the art ZK Teco Face, Palm, finger, RFID 4 In 1 Devices.

Simple and easy to install with stand alone
time attendance software or integrate to major HRMS.

Innovation, and Excellence

HIKVision CCTV Surveillance

We specialize in evaluating, survey and installing security system for surveillance requirement.

See far, go further

Fujifilm Smart Printing Solution

Digitalized your workflow by printing less. We reduce your carbon footprint by digitally stored your data, scan documents, file storage for shared or controlled access.

Value from Innovation
Data Management & Email Security

Adept Dynamic International

Adept Dynamic International (ADI) is a Data Management, Email Security Cyber Security Consulting Firm.

Established in 2015, our sole mission is to help companies take advantage of prevailing cutting-edge technologies and achieve key results in areas of digitalization and smart office innovation.

Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence are no longer remote technologies of the future. They are already replacing legacy systems and reinventing the way we run our business for the better.

ADI is Business security and productivity expert that presents AI enabled Data Management Security and Smart Office Solutions. We help your company reduce costs, safeguard vital corporate digital assets as well as achieve technological excellence in your operations and workflow.

Welcome! We are most earnest to have you join us in this exciting journey.