13 email threats to know about right now

phishing problem in singapore

How inbox defense helps protect your account against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Protect your business from all the top email threats, including the sophisticated ones designed to slip through your secure gateway.

Our email security article takes an in-depth look into all the evolving threats, including their pros and cons for businesses and how you can use machine learning to provide better protection for your company.

Deny sophisticated email threats – for example, by blocking malicious and phishing content that uses advanced techniques like spoofing, social engineering, and fraud.

Ensure your employees know how to spot phishing emails, that you’re using anti-malware and firewalls, and have content filters.

The best way to protect your company is by using a multi-layer protection strategy, which includes scanning and filtering incoming emails and dual-factor authentication.

See yourself all the latest threats, data, analysis, and solutions.yourself.

source: barracuda.com