About Us

Adept Dynamic International

Adept Dynamic International (ADI) is about understanding current business challenges and seek to use the latest technological best practices to help improve your business digitalization processes and achieve the best value proposition.

To help SMEs adopt digitalization using Artificial Intelligence in fields of Data Security Management, End point and Email Protection.

Smart Office Automation with Unified Communication solutions ideal for working from home or office settings.

Business Process Outsourcing and PSG Approved HRMS, to help companies save resources and stay laser focused on their revenue and value producing opportunities.

Today’s success is the result of Yesterday’s dream and innovation. While hard work is imperative, we believe continuous innovation is the key to stay ahead of the game. With these beliefs, together we can be

“Adept in using Solutions to achieve Dynamic Results.”


ADI aims to be the preferred consultant in building an ecosystem with AI enabled Data Management, Cybersecurity and Advanced Digital Solutions


We envision to be the top leader of AI consultancy and assist fellow Singaporean companies to adopt and take full advantage of AI capabilities and advanced Meta Technologies

Our Management Team

Jack Leow

Director / Founder

"There is always more than one way to achieve your objective. Each path you take will attain a different experience and quality of the result. Do not expect to achieve a different result when you are always doing the same thing. Challenge the status quo!”

David Sun

Operations Director

“If you cannot put yourself in the shoes of your customers, you will never understand the right language to build confidence in your services.”

Our Technology Partners

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