Ultimaker S5 Pro 3D Printer

Introducing the Ultimaker S5 Features

Ultimaker 3D Printers

3D printing is the next step for modern day technology. It is a device that can print three-dimensional solid objects from a digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of ink or plastic, to form the final product. Touch screen printing and remote printing capabilities will make the process easier than ever before.

Flexible and easy-to-use, Ultimaker’s market-leading products integrate seamlessly with your innovation and production process, empowering you to take back control of your workflow from start to finish:

  • Reliable, award-winning 3D printers
  • Cloud-enabled software, trusted by millions of users
  • The widest material choice in the industry
  • Local ( Singapore ) & Global customer service and support
  • Industrial grade desktop 3D printer

The Models

Ultimaker S5 Pro

Industrial Production Power
  • easy front-loading of up to six filaments reduces loading time
  • Uninterrupted printing with automatic material switching
  • Humidity-controlled material storage
  • Compatible with third-party filaments, including composites
  • Enclosed build chamber and EPA filter remove up to 95% of

    ultrafine particles (UFPs)

Ultimaker S5

hp 3d printer ultimaker
Powerful, Reliable, Versatile
  • Large build volume: 330 x 240 x 300 mm (13 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches)
  • Compatible with high-strength glass and carbon fiber filament
  • Down to 20-micron (0.001 inch) layer resolution
  • Open filament system – print with any 2.85 mm material
  • Composite-ready dual extrusion with advanced bed leveling

Ultimaker S3

hp 3d printer ultimaker
Easy to use 3D printing starts here
  • Dual extrusion with a build volume of 230 x 190 x 200 mm
  • Down to 20-micron (0.001 inch) layer resolution
  • Open filament system, compatible with glass and carbon fiber
  • Dual filament flow sensors notify you if material runs out
  • 4.7-inch touchscreen interface – Winner of iF Design Award 2019

The New Ultimaker 2+ Connect !

A seamless 3D printing workflow starts here. With networking capabilities and a new touchscreen, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is your reliable first step into our world of easy, remote 3D printing.

Ultimaker Software

Ultimaker Cura

This is one of the world’s most popular 3D software.

Built to integrate with CAD software for a seamless 3D print ready file conversion. Simple UI for dynamic user experience.

Seamless CAD Integration

Widest Material Choice in the Market

Regardless of what your application:

Easy, Visual, Multi-color, Tough, Flexible, High Strength, High Stiffness, Temperature Resistant, Impact Resistant, Composite, Water Soluble, Chemical Resistant, UV Resistant, Wear Resistant, Flame Retardant, ESD Safe, Translucent, Recycled, Low Friction, Metal.

We got you covered!


Types of materials:

Tough PLA, PVA, Nylon, PETG, TPU, TPU 95A, PC, PP, ABS, Metal.

*Ultimaker produces many materials in-house, they also work with top material manufacturers to print their materials seamlessly with its 3D printers.

Material Brands Collaboration