Meeting Room Panel

Meeting Room Panel – Zoom and Microsoft Certified

A meeting room panel help visualizes meeting space availability and makes your office space management easy. A professional multi-function room scheduling device featuring an 8-inch touch panel, Android 9.0 OS, bright RGB LED, dual microphone, and loudspeaker is a game changer. What’s your problem with your office meeting and standard function rooms? Is there anything we can do to help?

Meeting Room Panel – iOS and Microsoft

Yealink Room Panel

Yealink RoomPanel is a professional multi-function room scheduling device with 8-inch touch screen, Android 9.0 OS, full-RGB LED, dual microphone and speakerphones array. The all-in-one panel not only displays the room status, but also allows for reservations of all meeting rooms within the organization.

yealink room panel

Checking the availability of a meeting room becomes ever easier with the colored LED bars. The bilateral cambered, full-RGB LED bars, allowing for customized color settings, are of high visibility from any angle of view.

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