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AI Data Management – Cohesity data recovery
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Data Isolation As a Service | Cohesity FortKnox

With Cohesity, enterprises never compromise SLAs or risk tolerance and have maximum choice and flexibility in isolating and protecting their organizations’ data from bad actors. Cohesity supports flexible deployment with isolation to

  1. Cohesity Fortknox
  2. Remote Cohesity Cluster
  3. NAS Target
  4. Cloud
  5. Tape (Air Gap)


Cohesity customers not only gain data resilience but meet demanding business SLAs while lowering risk by replicating their backup data to a remote Cohesity cluster. In alignment with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework’s defense-in-depth model, Cohesity empowers teams to replicate data to another immutable Cohesity cluster at an isolated site which provides modern data vaulting, residing on an isolated network and supporting WORM. Figure 1 shows the flexibility in Fort Knox deployment, with the ability to restore to multiple destinations for disaster recovery. Only the enterprise administrator opens and closes the necessary ports only during data transfer to keep data secure.

By replicating to an isolated Cohesity cluster, organizations modernize their data centers and achieve stronger cyber defense, faster recoveries—with instant recovery at scale—and shorter RTOs/ RPOs while reducing network bandwidth requirements. Defend your business against increasing ransomware and insider threats by fortifying your IT systems with air-gap protection from Cohesity.

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  • Applications
  • Databases
  • GDPR
  • Healthcare
  • Pure Storage
  • Physical
  • Long Term Retention & Archival
  • Data Security & Governance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Automation
  • Cisco
  • Dev/Test
  • Google Cloud
  • HPE
  • Microsoft 365
  • Windows Server & Application
  • Ransomware Recovery
  • Cloud
  • AWS
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Kubernetes
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Virtual
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