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Why consider Payroll Outsourcing to Adept Dynamic?

Why consider Payroll Outsourcing to Adept Dynamic?

Research shows an average SME spends 40% to 80% of its gross revenue on employees’ salaries and compensations. Adept Dynamic (ADI) payroll outsourcing is about challenging this status quo.

The importance of Accurate and Timely Payroll processing, cannot be over emphasized. Why consider to Outsource what is among your most important company processes?

Cost Saving

There is no secret to this. Outsourcing, as a general rule, can help you save more. In effect, you only pay us, on demand, for just that period of processing by your actual headcount. This eliminates overpayment to your vendors and with this measured payment, you can truly budget and forecast accurately as your work demand and output increase.

Government Compliance

Outsourcing empowers your decision on payouts and adopting the correct polices. We have more than 15 years of actual payroll processing consultancy on the latest MOM, CPF and IRAS rules. This ensures peace of mind and prevents business disruption. Most importantly, staff payments are on time and morale is always high. No questions asked.

Reliable and Responsive After Sales

ADI offers you 24 hours support and 2 hours response time at max. This is made possible with our thorough understanding of your corporate polices and we put in place a battle tested HRMS that caters to your unique work scenarios. As well as ensure your Data stays protected from ransomware or accidental leakage to the web. This way, any unexpected hiccups to payroll processing are kept strictly to the minimal if not to zero incidents.